Enzo Manzano | CCA METRO
OUR ALLIANCE | LEADERSHIP & STAFF Deputy Director of Community Relations

Enzo Manzano

Deputy Director of Community Relations

Enzo Manzano is CCA Metro’s deputy director of community relations. He is responsible for supporting the Director of Community Relations and promoting union carpenters’ and contractors’ ongoing efforts around the five boroughs.

Born and raised in the Philippines and after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from De La Salle University (DLSU) Manila, he migrated to the United States in 2018. He speaks both English and Tagalog (Filipino).

Prior to joining CCA Metro, Enzo has worked in the hospitality industry, as an organizer in a political campaign, and as a district director in the New York City Council. He currently resides in Queens and it is his mission to build bridges between the public and various stakeholders in the construction industry.