John DeLollis

Board Member, CCA Metro
Executive Director, Association of
Wall Ceiling & Carpentry Industries

John was born in Brooklyn, New York and is a product of the New York City school system. He attended both the Tulane University School of Architecture and the Adelphi University School of Business. Upon graduating from college, he enlisted in a 6-year commitment in the New York Air National Guard as an Air Traffic Controller and started a career as a Design and Planning consultant. John and his wife Maggie, who have been married for 41 years, reside in Dix Hills, New York. John has two children, Barbara and Michael and 5 incredible grandchildren. At some point, either by accident or by design, he switched careers and became a union Interior Systems contractor, a business that spanned 37 years. In 1977, John joined The Association of Wall Ceiling and Carpentry Industries of N.Y. He sold his business in 2010 and, at the urging of the WC&C Board of Directors, accepted the position of Executive Director. During his time in this industry, John has served as a trustee on various Benefit Funds. He is currently a Trustee on the New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds, the Northeast Carpenter Funds and the Local 1974 Drywall Finishers Funds. On occasion, if asked about retirement plans, his response is “I’ll retire when the Board throws me out or if I can’t find my way to the office…I have too much I still want to get done. Hopefully, that will include service to St. Dominic’s Family Service in any way I am able.”