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Gotham Point’s North Tower

Experienced union contractors and carpenters from the New York City District Council of Carpenters are engaged in yet another exciting residential development. The North Tower of Gotham Point stands proudly at 1-15 57th Avenue in the vibrant neighborhood of Hunters Point South, Queens. The 57-story residential skyscraper showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and expertise these union carpenters and contractors bring to every endeavor. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, focus on the finest details, and recognition of the importance of aligning their work with the needs and vision of the owners and developers enable them to produce outstanding results. They take pride in their ongoing contributions to the NYC landscape.

Civetta /Cousins JV, LLC
Construction Specialties Installations, LLC
High Rise Safety Systems, Inc.
Nets That Work Company
Woodworks Construction Co., Inc.