Extell's 70-Story High-Rise Tops Out with Union Expertise | CCA METRO

Extell’s 70-Story High-Rise Tops Out with Union Expertise

Extell’s residential 70-story high-rise at 50 West 66th Street has topped out, thanks to the efforts of union contractors and carpenters with the New York City District Council of Carpenters. This achievement marks it as the tallest building on the Upper West Side and will feature 127 condominium units and a synagogue on 65th Street. Standing at 775 feet tall, the building will offer a wide array of immersive amenities. Its stunning architecture, distinctive geometric design of the upper floors, and comprehensive amenities showcase the importance of union carpenters and contractors in ensuring both the beauty and safety of the structure for all residents.

Civetta/Cousins JV, LLC
Exterior Wall & Building Consultants, Inc.
Insulation Contractors, Inc.
Nets That Work Company
Pinnacle Industries II, LLC
R&J Construction Corp.
Safway Atlantic