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Disney’s New Hudson Square HQ: Union Workers Crafting Magic

Disney Magic is headed to NYC! Walt Disney’s headquarters at 7 Hudson Square is near completion, thanks to union workers who make construction dreams come true. Union contractors and carpenters with the New York City District Council of Carpenters are constructing the 1.2 million-square-foot corporate building that will help Disney bring joy to more people worldwide. The 22-story headquarters will house film and production studios, retail space, and offices. The building aligns well with the surrounding Hudson Square architecture while also bringing new life to the area with a beautiful modern aesthetic. This latest chapter in Disney’s story could not be accomplished without the safe and expertly crafted work of union contractors and carpenters.

AL-Lee Installations, Inc.
Allacoustic Solutions
American Wood Installers
Bamco, Inc.
Bartkowski Life Safety Corp.
Construction Specialties Installations, LLC
Eco Specialties, LLC
Empire Arch Metal + Glass Corp.
Hailey Insulation Corp.
Insulation Contractors, Inc.
International Blind Contractors
Jonathan Metal & Glass Limited
L.I.F Industries, Inc.
Loading Dock, Inc.
Newmat Northeast Corp.
Nets That Work Company
NJS Office Installation Services
Pinnacle Industries II, LLC
Safway Atlantic
Supreme Woodwork Installation, LLC
Wood Pro 2 Installers, Inc.
X-Cell Insulation Corp.