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Nordstrom NYC

For Seattle-based retailer Nordstrom, only the best would do in its new Manhattan location at the base of the Central Park Tower on 57th St. and Broadway. Visitors are greeted by a wavy, transparent glass curtain wall leading into seven stories and 320,000 square feet of unparalleled luxury shopping space. Union carpenters proudly produced this gem with contractors including Eclipse Contracting, DGC Capital Contracting, Fitwell Interiors, Reiken Construction Management, Creative Installations, O’Kane Enterprises, R&J Installations, Alliance Store Fixtures, George V. Devito Master Carpenter, Bussola & Ralph USA, T.A.B. Storeforce, Guilianno Innovation, Interior Installation Services, ON Location, Bella Flooring, Metro Flooring, Commercial Flooring Management, MidhattanWoodworking, National Retail Installation, Rein’s Midwest Shelving, Empire Architectural Metal & Glass, Oz Door Service, TopRock Interiors, Techno Acoustics Holdings, Paz Interiors, Samap USA, Turnkey Installation, Modernold Styles, Pinnacle Industries and Component Assembly Systems.