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Moynihan Train Hall

The newly completed Moynihan Train Hall has nearly doubled the existing Penn Station rail complex. This has given city commuters a new spacious and world-class transit hub. The 255,000 square foot train hall provides a direct connection to the Eighth Avenue Subway entrance and access to the 9th Avenue entrance for the first time. New York City continues to depend on the training, safety, and quality of union contractors and the New York City District Council of Carpenters. Contractors on this project include Skanska, Metropolitan Drywall, EverGreene Architectural Arts, Navillus Contracting, Anchorman Construction, NeXgen Construction Services, Level Five Construction, Inc., Donaldson Interiors, Component Assembly Systems, Elite Door installations, Commodore Construction Corp., Construction Resources, JD Traditional, Insulation Contractors, Inc., ModernfoldStyles, Inc., American Wood Installers, Wood Pro 2 Installers, Inc., Construction Specialties Installations, RW Dake & Co., Turnkey Installation Inc., George Devito Master Carpenter, Metropolitan Drywall Co Inc.