425 Park Avenue - The first full-block office building on Park Avenue in over 50 years | CCA METRO

425 Park Avenue – The first full-block office building on Park Avenue in over 50 years

Standing at almost 900 feet tall and taking up an entire block between 55th and 56th Streets, the newly completed 425 Park Avenue is a product of the remarkable skill, resilience, and craftsmanship of union contractors and the New York City District Council of Carpenters. The building will provide 667,000 square feet of office space with a new restaurant on the ground floor, and 85% of the tower’s office space has been leased by leaders of industry in tech and finance. The anchor tenant, Citadel, will occupy 415,000 square feet across 20 floors. Congratulations to the over three dozen union contractors that took part in building New York City’s new iconic office tower.
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Component Assembly Systems
Consolidated Flooring, LLC
C&R Installations Inc.
Rivendell Carpet, Inc
Safway Atlantic
Platform Solutions Inc
Eurotech Construction Corp
Construction Specialties Installations
Donaldson Interiors Inc.
Danmar Interiors Inc.
Elite Union Furniture Installations
Empire Office, Inc
Cord Contracting Co. Inc.
Ari Products Inc.
Centre Street Systems Incorporated
Eco Specialties, LLC
Commodore Construction Corporation
F.I.P. Inc.
Tangent Construction Inc
Jonathan Metal & Glass Limited
Insulation Contractors Inc
Bauerschmidt & Sons Inc.
National Acoustics, LLC
Jonathan Metal & Glass Limited
John Knopf Flooring, Inc
Lafayette Glass Company
Newmat Northeast Corp
Twenty-Four 7 Contracting Corp
Tri-State Concrete Polishing, LLC
Sy-Bee Contracting Company
Sweeney & Harkin Carpentry & Drywall Corp.
Paragon One Installers Inc
Nets That Work Company
NJS Office Installation Services, Inc.
La Strada General Contracting
Automation Solutions, Inc
Wood Pro 2 Installers Inc