Amir Abbady | CCA METRO

Amir Abbady

Director of Community Relations - BK, QNS, SI

Amir Abbady is CCA Metro’s director of community relations for Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, where he is responsible for managing and furthering ties with the public to promote ongoing efforts of union carpenters and contractors in these boroughs. A child of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, his parents worked their way out of poverty into the middle class of Queens, largely due to their union memberships. Amir’s mother was a public school teacher of special needs students and his father worked as a career service employee. Amir received a BA in Political Science at CUNY’s City College of New York and is completing his MPA at CUNY’s Baruch College. Prior to joining CCA Metro, he worked for a New York state senator, moving from community liaison to director of constituent services, where he regularly represented the office, responded to the needs of the community, and advised the senator on the pressing policy issues of the day. Before that, he served as community liaison for a New York City Council member assisting countless constituents with quality of life issues. He now plans to use his career in community relations to build on the partnership between union carpenters, contractors, and the general public.